Charity Governance

Yeovil Opportunity Group Committee

Like most pre-schools, the Opportunity Group is run by a committee of volunteers. Many joined because their own children spent time at the group and they felt interested in getting involved and supporting this important service.

The committee are involved in the overall management of the group, overseeing the finances, the employment of staff, and the service the group provides. The committee members are ordinary parents and any new comers are welcomed with open arms.

They meet once or twice a term in the Family Room at the Balidon Centre and each year there is an Annual General Meeting when the committee reports back to parents on the management of the group over the last year.

Parents are absolutely vital to the committee but we also welcome the involvement of anyone who wants to make a contribution. Yeovil Opportunity  Group is a registered charity. Children’s fees or funding covers only part of our running costs and every year we depend on fund raising events and donations to enable this important work to continue.


Chair: Jane Lock

Vice Chair: Mr Simon Rowbottom

Treasurer: Mr. S. Rowbottom

Secretary: Min Hodges

Mrs J Lewis

Mrs W Vincent

Mrs R Goodfellow

Consultant Pediatrician: Gabriela Fillon