Rainbow Time Together

Rainbow Time Together

" Rainbow Time Together offers a very special time for families and children"

The Opportunity Group is a nursery environment offering education and therapy through play for children with special needs. Rainbow Time Together offers a special time for families and children from birth onwards. We offer parents a time when they can meet other parents and their children, meet therapists on an informal basis, share concerns with others within a sympathetic environment and have fun together!

The group is small because families with a child with more complex needs may need a little more time and individual attention. Our session incorporates singing and making music, as well as opportunities for moving. We have time for messy play every week so that children and parents can enjoy finger painting , water play or tactile play without the worry of clearing up afterwards. We have a talking time so that we can respond to parents’ concerns and interests and so that we can talk together about important ways of promoting your child’s abilities

We use Early Support materials where these seem appropriate and introduce parents to using their Family Support packs.

Rainbow Time Together has been running for 10 years and we know that many parents value this chance to play, talk and seek advice in a friendly environment.

Parents say

'I have learned so much and have so much more confidence in playing with my daughter'

'We have great fun!'

'It's great being able to chat to other parents and share experiences'

'I get little hints which help at home'

What our professionals say


"parents develop so much more confidence and gain lots of experience working and playing with thier child after attending the group"

And brothers and sisters are welcome too!

If you would like to join our Rainbow Time Together session, ask your health visitor, GP, or any other professional who is supporting you to refer your child to us.

Please contact Kim@YOG.org.uk or telephone 01935 384157

Sessions run during term time