Funding & Fundraising

Funding & Fundraising

Yeovil Opportunity Group receive the same funding as any other preschool setting but, of course, our costs, particularly those attached to staffing, are much greater.

We never turn away a child because their needs are too great and some of our children do need 1:1 attention and care for every minute that they are with us.

In consequence we are always looking for sponsors and fundraisers.

Please help us raise money for running costs for the group - each month we need between £1,500 and £2,000 on top of our fees and grants to provide the service we offer.

If you would like to make a donation please contact Kim Duller on the phone number shown or you can make credit card donations (with Gift Aid) via the JustGiving website.

Musical Money: Rotary Club president John Hollis took part in a music therapy session at Yeovil Opportunity Group with pupil Finley Webb and music therapist Martin Lawes.

Many Thanks to Marks and Spencers Yeovil for our new toy car and to Classic and Super Cars at Sherborne Castle for your continued support